Celebrity Body Shaping Tech Now In Carlisle Clinic

Body shaping technology used by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez is now available at a Carlisle clinic.

VL Aesthetics in Kingmoor is the first in the north of England to invest in the Emsculpt Neo.

It is a completely new approach to body shaping which uses radio-frequency heating for fat reduction and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy for muscle strengthening and toning.

The procedure is simple and easy, and the device can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms or calves.

Using it for a 30-minute session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups.

It results in less fat and more muscle than any other similar product, for less time and less money.

Hollywood celebrity, Megan Fox, is also a huge fan and has Emsculpt Neo treatments for her abdomen and arms in California. 

She said “I am loving these EMSCULPT treatments for real, they are making a huge difference and I haven’t even waited long enough to see the full results. Super psyched about this, it’s a really good machine.”

Vanessa Brown, managing director of VL Aesthetics, said: “Lots of celebrities use Emsculpt Neo and, well, if it is good enough for JLo it is good enough for me.

“It puts us at the cutting edge of this treatment and allows us to give our clients in Cumbria and further afield the best that the industry has to offer. And you won’t find it anywhere closer than Glasgow.

“On top of this we always offer bespoke packages combining different technologies in order to achieve the best result.

“It’s all part of VL Aesthetics’ investment worth £200,000 in the best technology on the market and the introduction of the Emsculpt Neo adds to our list of such technologies including the Emerald Laser, the BTL Exillis skin tightening technology, the Emtone for cellulite reduction and the Emsella chair for pelvic floor muscle strengthening.”

If you feel you could benefit from more muscle and less fat, then the Emsculpt Neo may be a great fit for you.

To find out more about AL Aesthetic’s treatments, including the Emsculpt Neo, book a consultation at www.vlaesthetics.co.uk.