Best Professional Marmalade Preserve Producers Gathered To Crown Winners On Dalemain National Marmalade Day

Marmalade makers from around the world sent their best preserve and the professional makers awards have been announced.

The Gold and Double Gold Winners of the Artisan, Hotel, B&B and Restaurant Awards were announced with great fanfare at Dalemain Mansion on Saturday March 26.

A selection of the preserves on show

Marmalade makers, came from the UK and from around the world to meet Marmalade Patrons the High Sheriff of Cumbria and 2022 judges to celebrate the Award-winning marmalades and their makers.

The organisers of the Marmalade Awards have always been proud to promote champion quality marmalade making, and the Double Gold winners this year are representative of excellence in Artisan preserves.

The evening was enhanced by the presence of celebrity guest Pam Corbin, world renowned for her marmalade making skills.

This year there are four Artisan Double Gold Winners for the following categories: Traditional, International, Marmalade to be Eaten with Savoury Food and Marmalade with Alcohol.

The winner of the best Traditional Marmalade is Ali Wilder with her Lemon and Norfolk Lavender marmalade.

The Japanese continue to produce high quality preserves with Noriyuki Enami winning the International category with a Red Lemon Marmalade made with reduced sugar.

Alongside the Double Gold award many of his other entries also got this top accolade.

Tuo En Chi from Taiwan won the Marmalade to be Eaten with Savoury Food Double Gold Award with an Orange Marmalade with Rose.

The Double Gold Award for Marmalade with Alcohol was won by Irene Silvester and her Seville Orange Marmalade with Greengage Liqueur Gin.

All of the Double Gold winners are now available to purchase at Dalemain and Fortnum & Mason.

The quality of the Artisan marmalade was so high this year that Fortnum & Mason have decided to stock a further four Gold winners, these are Season’s Bounty Lemon and Vanilla Marmalade, Perfectly Preserved’s Mandarin, Lime & Basil Marmalade, Orange & Chilli Marmalade made by Mearns Marmalade and Rose Cottage Country Kitchen’s Isle of Skye Malt Whisky Marmalade.

The Hotel, B&B and Restaurant Double Gold winner for a second year in a row is Low Mill Guest House, in Bainbridge North Yorkshire, with their Ginger and Lime Marmalade.

Neil McNair has once again proven that he can provide a top-quality marmalade to enhance his hospitality offering.

They will now take pride of place on the marmalade map, which enables visitors to travel the length and breadth of Britain to dine and stay in a place that delivers the best quality marmalade.

A selection of the Double Gold and Gold winning marmalades will now be on sale throughout the year in Dalemain Mansion’s Great Barn Tearoom and online shop. Nowhere in the world do so many different marmalades come together.

Jars from Norfolk stand beside jars from Zambia, a traditional Seville Orange marmalade is next to an Orange Grapefruit, Guava and Cosata marmalade.

These mouth-watering pots of joy will only be available for a limited time.

It is an amazing opportunity to find your new favourite marmalade.

Organisers will continue to celebrate Britain’s favourite preserve with the announcement of the Homemade Best in Show winner at the Marmalade Festival on Saturday May 14.

The Awards take place with the generous support of Fortnum & Mason and Rathbones.