Copeland Council’s Measures To Ensure Cemeteries Remain Safe And Accessible

Copeland Council is making sure its cemeteries remain attractive, safe and accessible for everyone.

Councillor Steven Morgan, Executive Member of Copeland Borough Council, said: “Whilst we know some people like to add items around the grave, we have a responsibility to keep our cemeteries safe and respectful environments for all visitors.

“We have cemetery managements rules to help with this, but lately there has been an increase in personal memorabilia and grave surrounds other than the headstone.

“This makes it very difficult to carry out essential maintenance at our traditional lawn cemeteries, so we’re asking families to remove them, or collect from us after April 15.

The council is asking people to remove any ornaments or unauthorised borders from graves, so that the grounds can be properly maintained.

Items that have not been removed by April 15 will be carefully moved into storage so that they can be collected by families.

Unauthorised items include glass items, candles, grave surrounds of any type, and any ornamental memorabilia aside from the headstone.

Items removed after April 15 will be stored in Whitehaven cemetery lodge for three months, during which families can collect them.

Councillor Morgan added: “We understand the sensitivity of this issue and our team will handle the items with the utmost respect.

“It is our priority to ensure our lawn cemeteries are kept to the highest standard, to create a restful environment for all.

“This step will help our team cut the grass and maintain graves efficiently.”

 All belongings will be handled with care, stored securely and labelled to ensure items are handed back to the correct person.

To contact the council’s Bereavement Services team, call 01946 598300 and press option 4, or email

See a full outline of our management rules by visiting: