New Online Home Fire Safety Check Tool Launched On Cumbria Fire And Rescue Website

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are pleased to announce the launch of a new online home fire safety check tool.

The online tool is live now on Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service’s website:

Fire Minister Lord Greenhalgh said: “I am delighted to support the National Fire Chiefs Council’s new Online Home Fire Safety Check Tool.

“This will help people ensure their home is safe, providing them with life-saving fire safety information tailored to their home and household.

“I would encourage everyone to use this simple tool to help protect themselves and their loved ones against the risk of fire.”

The site has been developed by the National Fire Chiefs Council, FireKills and SafeLincs and currently, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are 1 of 7 Fire and Rescue Service’s nationally who are using it.

There are 30 more Fire and Rescue Services are in the process of embedding it into their referral systems.

The online home fire safety check tool is an online form which allows anyone to risk assess their own situation to see if they are at risk from fire in the home.

Once the form is complete, it either offers some bespoke fire safety advice or generates a referral for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service to carry out a follow up visit.

The benefits of this system mean that we can focus our resources on those who are at the highest risk and still offer education and advice to members of the community who are not deemed to be a high fire risk.

The system can also be used by family, friends, carers and partner organisations to assess someone else’s risk level and generate a visit from fire service staff if they need one.

For those who are unable to access the web-based system, a freephone number is available to access a free home fire safety check: 0800 358 4777