Carlisle United To Operate Under Reduced Capacity Meaning Fans Won’t Need A COVID Pass To Attend

By Rachael Grealish

Carlisle United has confirmed it will be operating under reduced capacity due to the ‘plan B’ COVID-19 restrictions.

In a statement released by the club yesterday, Tuesday December 14, plans to operate with a ‘revised capacity under the ‘Plan-B’ requirements’ meaning a COVID passport will not be required for fans to attend.

Total capacity for Brunton Parl will be 9,999 from now – this is a standing capacity 3,999 and seated capacity 6,000.

The statement reads: “This means we do not expect attendance to make mandatory certification applicable. At this point, all areas (except Waterworks North End) are planned to remain open.

“At these levels of expected attendance there will be no mandatory Covid certification required at Brunton Park under ‘Plan-B’.

“There will be no requirement to show vaccination status or a recent negative test to enter the stadium and come to games.

“Fans should be aware, the limit on terrace places at 3,999 means tickets demand could outstrip supply. Fans wishing to stand are advised to buy in advance.”

Match attendees will not have to wear a face mask when in their seat or standing on the terrace – but everyone, over the age of 11, will have to wear one in the indoor areas of the stadium.

“Whilst we will not be introducing mandatory Covid certification at this time, it is critical all our fans continue to play their part in minimising the risk our games pose to fellow fans and the wider community. We remain fully committed to this,” the statement continued.

While this news is generally supported, some people have taken to social media to call out the club for ‘trying to get around guidance’.

One person commented: “The club have the nerve to have a blue light membership to support the services and key workers while trying to get round guidance to help stop overwhelming the nhs.”

Another called the club ‘off message’ saying: “Don’t get why the club is taking measures to get around a rule that is there to address a national medical emergency? Yet again the club seem to be massively off message here!”

Carlisle United has been contacted for a response to these comments.