One In Ten Brits Support A Ban To Meat And Dairy To Combat Climate Change In Survey Ahead Of COP-26 Summit

By Rachael Grealish

One in ten Britons would back an immediate ban on meat and dairy products in order to combat climate change, according to a survey by YouGov.

The postponed COP-26 summit gets underway in Glasgow today, Sunday October 31, where world leaders and representatives will gather to discuss what measures humanity can take to halt or slow the progress of climate change.

A vast array of measures are sure to be mulled over, but which would Britons support? That’s what YouGov asked.

Well of all those options surveyed 10 percent of Brits would support banning meat and dairy products – although this was the least supported measure suggested in the survey.

Topping the list are plants, 92 percent of Britons would support a commitment to plant more trees in the UK’s green spaces – 17,000 are due to be planted near to the conference itself.

Similarly, 86 percent of people would support protection and restoration of the UK’s natural ecosystems.

There is similar support for a crackdown on packaging: 85 percent would back tougher regulations on the amount of packing materials retailers are allowed to use, and another 81 percent would support a total ban on single use plastics.

And nearly two-thirds of Britons (64 percent) would also support switching the UK to only renewable energy sources.

However, this doesn’t pair well with the current coal mine plans for Cumbria – which are currently under review and generally supported by people in the area – a conversation sure to come up many times over the COP26 conference.

One Cumbrian MP has previously spoken out against plans for the mine, in favour of renewable energy.

Dr Neil Hudson, MP for Penrith and the Border wavered on his support of the mine with one of his reasons for doing so the UK being a leader in COP26 and needing to set an example.

He said: “I welcome that the Government has called in this application for review. I had previously signalled my support for the project with my fellow Conservative Cumbrian MPs. 

“However, on reflection I now believe that the project should not go ahead.”

“Accordingly, with these developments and the changes in circumstances in mind, on reflection I do not think we should be progressing with new coal exploration, even for coking coal,” he continued.

“I ask that the Government now acts to cancel this project and have made representations to that effect to Government and the Public Inquiry. 

“With our leadership of the COP26 we have a real opportunity to set an example to the world if we do this.”

What measures would you like to see implemented to combat climate change? Let us know.