At Least 40 Properties In Cumbria Flooded But Over 1,000 Saved By Defences

By Rachael Grealish

At least 40 homes have been flooded across the county as floods have tore through Cumbria, once again.

Whilst putting even more flood warnings in place the Environment Agency has confirmed in the past few days 40 properties have been flooded in Cumbria.

Residents across Cumbria have shared their experiences of the floods on social media – with Cockermouth being one of the worst hit places again.

Flooding in Cockermouth – image by Cockermouth Mountain Rescue

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team have been fully in action helping with evacuations and even rescued two holidaymakers at the mercy of the weather.

They wrote on social media: “We had to send a pod of swift water technicians out earlier as two holidaymakers and their dogs required evacuation from Southwaite mill.

“The team encountered significant flooding which was chest deep in the area. The two, along with their dogs were successfully evacuated using our raft.”

A CMRT raft out in the flood waters.

And, of course, their message to the public was to remain vigilant and stay away from bridges, rising water and flooded areas.

Although 40 properties sadly suffered flooding the Environment Agency estimated 1,450 properties have been protected across the county, in part down to some of the new flood defences installed, such as in Cockermouth and Keswick.

Ben Lukey, Flood Duty Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Flooding is devastating so whilst we are pleased 1,450 properties have been protected, our thoughts are with the 40 households who have suffered.

“The public need to stay on alert this weekend and into early next week as surface water and river flooding could still bring disruption in the southwest as well as part of northern England.

“Environment Agency teams have been out on the ground clearing grilles and screens where flood debris can build up and impede river flows, and stand ready to operate flood defences if needed.

“Working with our partners in local resilience forums, we are supporting emergency response to keep people safe where flooding does occur.

“We are urging residents and visitors, especially holidaymakers in the Lake District and elsewhere, to stay alert and check their flood risk by signing up for free flood warnings on the website and via @EnvAgency on Twitter, which offer the latest updates.”

If you’re heading out in Cumbria you can check where flooding has been reported and confirmed on ‘Check Flooding’.

If you need to report flooding to your property, there’s information on how to do that here and any advice on what to do next if you’ve been a victim of flooding can be found here.