REVIEW: Punk Rock Alive In Whitehaven As BAD NERVES Return To Cumbria

By Rachael Grealish

Punk was truly alive and well in Cumbria as BAD NERVES brought their promised chaos and energy.

The five-piece from Essex headlined a more intimate performance at the Yellow Earl, in Whitehaven, on Friday September 24, supported by The Lavetts and The Northern Threads.

BAD NERVES on stage at The Yellow Earl

Although a smaller stage compared to their Cumbrian debut at the Boof Festival, it didn’t mean their stage presence was stripped down any.

The band played a range of songs from their self-titled debut album creating the atmosphere of a large festival-style gig once more.

Their clever mix of catchy songs and fine-tuned mayhem got the audience truly riled up, turning a humble music venue dance floor into the home of a glorious mosh pit.

Even the frontman, Bobby, got involved with the action as he threw himself into the crowd of frenzied fans hanging on every song.

Speaking to The Herdwick Bobby said: “It was really a great show, there’s no audience like the one we’ve experienced here in Whitehaven.”

West Cumbrian-based indie/rock bands The Lavetts and The Northern Threads provided support for the evening.

The Lavetts gave a real feel of The Cure and Blossoms as they kicked off the evening, while The Northern Threads lads brought that rock and roll edge as they played a range of their original songs.

You’re out of luck if you were hoping to catch BAD NERVES this side of the English Channel as the band’s next show is nowhere other than Amsterdam, followed by a show in Rotterdam.

However, rumour has it, there will be some more local and gigs in the near future for The Lavetts and The Northern Threads – they’ll be shows not to miss.