‘Whitehaven Is The Only Place Where Our Music Makes Sense To Anybody’ – BAD NERVES Is Returning For A Chaotic Cumbrian Show

By Rachael Grealish

After smashing it at The Boof Festival BAD NERVES is returning to Whitehaven – or the ‘new London’ as the band declared it – for what they promise to be a night of ‘relentless speed’ and ‘chaos’.

On Friday, September 24, the Essex-based freewheeling punk band will be trading in the big festival stage for a more intimate, but no less chaotic, gig at The Yellow Earl, in Whitehaven.

Bobby bringing the ‘chaos’ to The Boof Festival – photos by Robert Haile

Ahead of the show The Herdwick News spoke to the BAD NERVES frontman Bobby Bird who, after calling ‘Whitehaven the new London’, said he was ‘definitely’ excited to make the trip back to Cumbria.

“We didn’t really know what to expect when we came before but as it turns out, there seems to be more enthusiasm for live music up here than anywhere else in the country,” Bobby said.

“Either that or Whitehaven is the only place where our music makes sense to anybody. Probably the latter.”

For their Cumbrian debut the lads hit up the main stage at the Boof Festival’s return – but for their return BAD NERVES will be hitting a smaller stage, but Bobby says that makes very little difference to the vibe and energy of their show.

I’m fact, the frontman said he prefers the smaller shows for the ‘chaos’.

“We try to deliver the same vibe every show regardless of the stage,” Bobby explained.

“It can be difficult to jump around too much in the smaller ones but the intimacy of them has a life of its own. 

“I personally prefer small shows, I quite enjoy the chaos of them. There’s much more chance of blood being spilled which always makes for a predictable but great photo.”

Gig goers aren’t only promised ‘relentless speed’ but a full performance of the band’s debut record – making up for anyone who saw the lads perform last in Cumbria where Bobby said they got ‘cut off’ early by a ‘monitor guy that hated me’.

‘We try to deliver the same vibe every show regardless of the stage’

He said: “Crowds can expect relentless speed. We’re gonna play the whole record this time too so that should be fun, provided I can remember the lyrics.

“Hopefully they won’t cut us off early like at the Boof. That monitor guy hated me, but I hated him too so it was a shared passion.”

It’s only right for the Essex boys to return to Cumbria as they continue touring post-pandemic, as the Boof Festival was their first gig in 529 days because of COVID-19.

However, having a break at the beginning wasn’t all too bad.

“It wasn’t too bad at first, cause I was pretty busy getting the record ready to release and trying to make music videos,” Bobby explained, “But this year has been a total drag waiting to play again.”

Bobby said the only way he really got through the lockdown was the discovery he can ‘turn off my television and my phone’ to block out the ‘24 hour stream of misery’ the pandemic posed. 

“The first half of 2021 reminded me of that scene in A Clockwork Orange when he’s in that medical facility and they force his eyes open to consume all those violent images,” he explained with a macabre image.

“The difference being that in the film they’re doing that to try and rewire his brain against violent behaviour, whereas here, in the supposedly real world, the media beams their 24 hour stream of misery at us to make us feel sad and hopeless, and when you combine that with lockdowns it’s a pretty effective combination. 

“I recently discovered that I can turn off my television and my phone though, who’d have thought it? No more hot dinners for you nihilism.”

On a more positive note, the lads are excited to be back touring and said it’s all about making ‘every show count’ not just for the performers, but the attendees too, especially after the last 18 months.

“It’s great actually [touring again]. We all bicker and moan about things but the reality is, this band is kind of what defines us, without it we’re just five blokes sitting in chairs for a living,” Bobby continued. 

“So it’s nice to have some purpose back again. I think we all need to remember this last 18 months, and how easily we can have our freedoms removed. 

“Next time they might never come back so we gotta make every show count, whether you’re playing or attending.”

BAD NERVES will be bringing their chaos to the stage at The Yellow Earl, in Whitehaven, on Friday, September 24.

Danny Maudling, owner of The Yellow Earl and one of the Boof Festival organisers, said: “BAD NERVES have to thank Jake McNicholas who championed the band, along with myself, on St Bee’s radio, I wouldn’t have heard of them.

“Looking forward to Friday, the roof is going to come off.”

Jake McNicholas is the frontman for the band The Northern Threads who, along with The Lavetts, will be supporting BAD NERVES on the evening.

Any remaining tickets for the show can be found here.