Taylor Swift Celebrates ‘Folklore’ First Anniversary By Dropping A New Version Of ‘The Lakes’ – An Ode To The Lake District

By Rachael Grealish

Taylor Swift has celebrated the one year anniversary of her album Folklore by releasing her original version of ‘The Lakes’ – her song dedicated to the Lake District.

The Grammy-winning album was released one year ago today after the 31-year-old star needed a musical outlet to get through the pandemic.

To celebrate the release date of her eights studio album she gifted her fans the ‘original’ version of the song ‘The Lakes’ – in all its full orchestral glory.

The song – which originally appeared as a bonus track on the physical deluxe editions of Folklore – has Swift introspecting on her semi-retirement in the Lake District after previously visiting the area with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

She imagines escaping to the Lakes, the place ‘where the poets went to die’ – referencing Windermere (the largest lake in England) and William Wordsworth (who found a home here in the Lakes).

Swift took to social media to do a surprise drop of the song’s original version calling it a ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped her make the album a success.

“It’s been one year since we escaped the real world together and imagined ourselves someplace simpler,” Swift wrote.

“With tall tall trees and salt air. Where you’re allowed to wear lace nightgowns that make you look like a Victorian ghost every day & no one will side eye you cause no one is around. It’s just you and your imaginary cabin and the stories you make up to pass the time.

“To say thank you for all you have done to make this album what it was, I wanted to give you the original version of ‘The Lakes.’

“Happy 1 year anniversary to Rebekah, Betty, Inez, James, Augustine, and the lives we all created around them. Happy Anniversary, folklore.”

Since the release of Folklore the star has dropped a ninth studio album, re-released her own new version of her second album Fearless and announced the date she’ll drop her re-recorded version of Red (Taylor’s Version) – its November 19, 2021 for the fans out there.