‘Let Them Watch’ – Many Cumbrian Schools Allow Pupils A Late Start After England’s Euro 2020 Final

By Rachael Grealish

‘Let them watch, talk about pride, resilience and even the possibility of disappointment’ one school has said as many Cumbrian schools allow children a late start after the Euro 2020 final.

Many schools across Cumbria are allowing pupils to have a lie-in Monday, July 12, due to the expected-late night following the 8pm kick off of England v Italy in the final of the European Championship.

Broughton C of E Primary School is just one school allowing children extra time as an email was sent out saying children can come in as late as 10.45am as they would rather children be ‘well rested rather than absent’.

The email read: “It is 55 years since England men’s football reached a major final, so let them watch, talk about pride, resilience and even the possibility of disappointment.”

Roose Primary School, in Barrow, is another school allowing children that extra hour before school by promising to mark any pupils absent who arrive up to 10.15am.

On a social media post the school has said: “Due to England playing the Final on Sunday evening we appreciate that some children will want to stay up late and watch the game.

“Therefore on Monday school will be open from normal time (including breakfast club from 8am for those who attend) but the register will not close until 10.15 am.

“If your child arrives at school after their normal registration time they should come in through the main front entrance.

“They will not be registered as late or absent if they arrive before 10.15 am.”

Other schools such as St Joseph’s, Frizington, Victoria Academy, Barrow and Eaglesfield Paddle C of E Primary, are all among those offering students a lie-in following the match.

The decision to allow kids that extra time in the morning is being echoed across Cumbria with many all saying the the same thing; a late start was better than an absence.

Many are even encouraging families to enjoy the monumental event – something it is sure to be even if England don’t win as it will be the first time the home nation team has made it to a competitive final since they won the World Cup in 1966.

England face Italy in the European Championship 2020 on Sunday, July 11, at Wembley, kicking off at 8pm.

Is it coming home? Well, we’ll soon see.