Pub Goers Advised To Get PCR Tests As COVID-19 Cases ‘Spike’ After England Euro 2020 Matches

Caution urged as ‘significant spikes’ in new COVID-19 cases follow England football matches and pub goers advised to get PCR test.

People who attended either of two pubs in Allerdale and Carlisle on Saturday 3 July are being advised to get tested for COVID-19 after some customers at the venues on that day subsequently tested positive for the virus

The pubs are:

  • The Arroyo Arms, Edgehill Road, Carlisle
  • Grasslot Welfare Sports and Social Club, Maryport

Anyone attending either venue on that day is now advised to book a PCR test via the national testing booking system.

This advice applies even if people currently have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Anyone testing positive is required by law to self-isolate for 10 days.

Cumbria’s Director of Public Health is also advising caution after ‘significant spikes’ in Coronavirus cases are following England’s Euro 2020 football matches.

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health, said: “We are now seeing significant spikes in new cases following England football games at Euro 2020.

“We know many people are watching the matches in pubs and it’s well established that the virus spreads most easily in crowds and indoors.

“We still have a large proportion of the population that is not fully vaccinated, these people are still at risk of serious illness so it is still important that we try and stop infection spreading.

“I’d urge people who were at these venues to get tested as soon as possible to help prevent the situation getting worse.”