Only One Unbeaten Record Remains In Cumbria Cricket League

By Robert Haile

While local sport took a back seat with England facing New Zealand in the Second Test and the European Championship starting there was still a full league program on Saturday, June 12.

Premier Division

Cleator 1st 141/1 – Dalton 1st 137 All Out

Dalton batted first after winning the toss setting one hundred and thirty seven with Rangika Pinnala Don scoring forty three. Cleator in reply reached one hundred and forty one as Tom Sharpe hit an unbeaten eighty.

Cockermouth 1st 100 All Out – Furness 103/1

Visiting side Furness won the toss and put the hosts into bat. Cockermouth struggled with Tom Norman scoring thirty five as they were bowled out for one hundred. Lewis Gribbin and Nathan Waterston almost did it all themselves before Gribbin fell on forty four as the visitors made one hundred and three.

Lindal Moor 1st 61 All Out – Workington 1st 206/9

Workington batted first after winning the toss and Callum Moffat scored sixty five as they made two hundred and six. Moffat then did the damage with the ball as Callum and Kristian took seven wickets between them as Lindal Moor were bowled out for sixty one.

Millom 1st 196/7 – Keswick 1st 191/8

This game went the distance with one hundred overs played. Millom batted first after winning the toss making one hundred and ninety six with Primosh Perara scoring fifty five not out. Keswick took it to the final over with Geeth Kumara scoring forty eight as they finished five runs short.

Whitehaven 1st 198/3 – Carlisle 1st 197/9

Carlisle’s unbeaten run came to an end at The Playground as Whitehaven restricted them to one hundred and ninety seven with Mike Slack scoring fifty four. Terance Warde made seventy one and Chase Young reached his century as they helped Whitehaven to one hundred and ninety eight.

Wigton 1st 80 All Out – Haverigg 1st 81/5

In this low scoring match Wigton won the toss and batted first reaching eighty as their final wicket fell. Haverigg made eighty one with Sachin Jayawardena scoring thirty five.

Division One

Furness 2nd 80/8 – Lindal Moor 2nd 79 All Out

In a low scoring match Lindal Moor almost defend their total of seventy nine as Furness reached eighty for eight wickets lost to win.

Hawcoat Park 1st 168 All Out – Kirkby in Furness 1st 209/6

Mike and Paul Fugler both made fifties as Kirkby reached two hundred and nine after winning the toss. Callum Lucas and James Grimshaw both scored forties as Hawcoat Park were bowled out for one hundred and sixty eight.

Seascale 1st 167/3 – Whitehaven 2nd 166 All Out

Seascale returned to winning ways after Charlie Minshaw scored seventy one as Whitehaven set one hundred and sixty six. On their way to one hundred and sixty seven Adam Brown fell at ninety nine.

Ulverston 1st 206/9 – Egremont 1st 89 All Out

Shivan Perera scored seventy one as Ulverston set unbeaten Egremont two hundred and six. Perera and Gareth Yates then took the visitors batting line up apart taking nine wickets for forty four runs as they slumped to eighty nine.

Workington 2nd 251/5 – Cockermouth 2nd 247/6

Workington started this match batting first after losing the toss. Nick Wood made one hundred and five not out as they set Cockermouth two hundred and fifty one. The visitors went the distance reaching fifty overs as Ian Buchanan made eighty seven not out they fell five runs short of the win.

Division Two

Dalton 2nd 33 All Out – Millom 2nd 36/4

This short and low scoring match was all over before thirty overs had been bowled. Dalton were put into bat and were bowled out for thirty three. Millom reached thirty six in nine overs to continue their unbeaten start to the league season.

Egremont 2nd 72/3 – Barrow 1st 68 All Out

Barrow won the toss and batted first reaching sixty eight before they were bowled out. Egremont didn’t hang around taking twelve over to reach seventy two.

Haverigg 2nd 162/0 – Ulverston 2nd 159 All Out

Ulverston won the toss and batted first with Oliver Carr making forty six on their way to one hundred and fifty nine. Haverigg openers Kieran Rogan and Anthony Johnson batted through to one hundred and sixty two to give the home side the victory.

Vickerstown 1st 178/5 – Cleator 2nd 154/9

The home team started this match batting first after winning the toss. Janes made sixty five not out with Ben Spencer reaching fifty as they set Cleator one hundred and seventy eight. Cleator struggled with Steven Wishart making thirty nine and Ben Wishart reaching thirty one not out as they finished on one hundred and fifty four.