Nearly Half Of Brits View The Cost Of COVID-19 Tests As An International Travel Barrier

By Rachael Grealish

Although international travel is back on the cards for Brits next week, it seems nearly half of British adults view the cost of COVID-19 testing as a barrier to heading abroad.

While several travel companies are offering COVID tests as part of their packages many cost between £60 and £160, leaving 47 percent of Brits view the financial costs of COVID-19 tests to be a barrier to international travel.

This is all according to statistics released Wednesday, May 12, by YouGov.

Travel companies have expressed concern that the price of pre-departure and post-arrival tests would make holidaying out of reach for people who want to travel abroad, even to the countries deemed safe enough to make the UK’s green travel list.

In addition to the costs of transportation, lodging and activities, travellers will now have to account for how COVID-19 testing factors into their budgets.

YouGov data shows that one in two British adults, 53 percent, think the cost of PCR testing will make a significant impact on their budget if they were to travel abroad this year.

An additional almost a third, 27 percent, believe it will make somewhat of an impact, further underscoring the concerns that holidaymaking may be too costly with the additional burden of COVID-19 testing fees.

TUI is the first company to include a low-price PCR test, for just £20 to quarantine-free green list countries.

Although the cost of PCR tests is being seen as a huge barrier for Brits when travelling, 64 percent of adults saw the quarantine protocols as the largest barrier.

So far there are 12 countries Brits can travel to without quarantining, including Israel, Gibraltar, the Falklands and Portugal.

The popular holiday location, Turkey is currently on the red list, meaning Brits wanting to travel there must then pay a surplus of £1,000 to stay in a government approved quarantine hotel upon return.