Free COVID-19 Testing Offer For Cumbrian Hospitality Businesses As Lockdown Set To Ease

With lockdown restrictions set to ease, next week, Cumbrian hospitality businesses are being reminded that they can access regular free workforce Coronavirus testing via Cumbria County Council.

Regular Lateral Flow Testing of those without symptoms is said to be a ‘critical’ part of Cumbria’s strategy for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Workforce testing helps spot new infections quickly, allowing action to be taken to prevent spread to other staff or the wider community. That’s good for businesses’ bottom-line and the county.

There are two ways businesses can access FREE Covid-19 testing from Cumbria County Council.

  1. The council helps set up an in-workplace testing programme run by the business. Businesses get free tests, free delivery, free training, free PPE, free set-up and free ongoing support.
  2. The council supplies free tests for employees to test themselves at home.

For self-employed or very small businesses, it may be easier for to access testing via other routes that have been organised nationally.

Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, Colin Cox, said: “We’re already working successfully with lots of organisations and I’d strongly recommend any businesses that do not have workforce testing in place already to get in touch. It’s free, straightforward and will help them protect their business and the community.

“Hospitality businesses have been through a lot and it’s vital for the county’s economy that they get back on their feet and trading successfully again. Regular workforce covid testing supports them to do that. Our experienced project team will work with businesses to find a solution that works for them.”

To find out more businesses should contact

More information about the options available can be found here.