Parent Raises 250% More Than Target To Help Vandalised Copeland Primary School

By Rachael Grealish

A fundraiser to help a school following an attempted break-in has raised over 250 percent more than its target.

In recent weeks St James CofE Infant and Nursery School suffered attempted break-in and vandalism, resulting in a number of the schools windows being broken.

In reaction to this, Paul Seager – a parent of children who attend the school – set up a JustGiving page with the aim of raising £500 to help the school with repairs.

So far, the page has received 75 donations, raising £1,310 – or 262 percent of its target.

Speaking to The Herdwick News, Paul said he was inspired to help the school so the staff can ‘focus on what they do best’, educating the pupils.

He said: “My children go to the school so I just wanted to offer them some support so that financially it wasn’t so much of an impact on them and so that they can continue to focus on what they do best, educate our children.

“It’s also a way for people to show our local school that we as parents, carers, students etc are grateful for what they do, especially over the last year.”

On the fundraising page Paul explained a small grassed play area must also be cleared of glass shards and the school is now looking at CCTV installation.

He wrote: “Not only will the windows need replaced but a part of the children’s grassed play area cannot be used due to small shards of glass and may have to be replaced and the recent events have left the school considering installing CCTV.

“The page has been set up so we can get together and help support the school with these repairs so their money can be used as intended, on their children.”

The Herdwick News has reached out to the headteacher of the school, Michael Craig, to discuss the impact of the vandalism and verify the issues raised – however, we are still awaiting his comments.