Stagecoach Driver Praised For Care Of Vulnerable Passenger

A West Cumbrian bus driver and his colleague have been praised for their actions after driving a passenger who was struggling with a mental health issue to her door.

Steve Cannan was driving the number 29 Stagecoach service from Workington to Whitehaven on Thursday, April 29, when one of his passengers seemed lost and confused.

Steve and his colleagues

He turned the full bus around so he could drive her home in Moorclose and, along with his mentor Phil Acton who was also onboard, walked her to her door.

The men were honoured with a presentation and received gift vouchers at the Workington depot yesterday, after members of the public highlighted their deeds on social media.

Operations director Tom Waterhouse applauded their actions: “It was a selfless act, and we would always encourage our drivers to put the safety and welfare of all passengers first. 

“Steve is just a new driver with us, so his mentor Phil was also onboard. They could see the lady was struggling and had no hesitation in turning the bus around.

“The outpouring of praise on social media shows just how much people appreciate us going the extra mile.”

Mr Acton said: “The lady is a regular on the bus, so I knew roughly where she would want to be. Steve pointed out that she had intended to get off at Lilyhall, but we were approaching the last stop there. 

“She wasn’t making much sense, so I asked if she’d like to be taken home. 

“It’s something I’ve done before and I know the signs to look out for – but it’s something that any of the drivers would do. With Steve being new, it’s something he’ll know to look out for. 

“I don’t do social media but it’s good to feel like I’ve done the right thing and to hear that people appreciate it.”

A post by passenger Steph Bramley received more than 1,500 shares on Facebook, as bus service users heaped praise on the pair.

She wrote: “Driving back from Workington to Whitehaven and a lady with what I’m presuming was dementia was lost and confused.

“The driver and another Stagecoach driver actually turned the bus around with a bus full of people, drove her to her house and walked her in. My heart is actually warm knowing these kind of people actually exist.”