People Over 42 Can Now Get A COVID-19 Vaccine – Over 40s Must Wait Due To Cohort Numbers And Vaccine Availability

By Rachael Grealish

People aged 42 and over are now being invited to book their COVID-19 vaccine – but many are wondering why it’s not all over 40s.

NHS England announced the news today, Tuesday April 27, however previously when new ages were invited it was age groups such as 50-55, by five years, not by two and people have been wondering why.

Cumbria County Council’s Director of Public Health, Colin Cox, said the change in the vaccination programmes page was down to ‘vaccine availability’ and ‘international supply chain issues’.

He said: “It’s simply down to trying to match supply and demand. We knew vaccine availability was going to reduce during April because of international supply chain issues, and of course we now have to use lots of the vaccine we do get for second doses, so there’s less available.”

Mr Cox also explained the number of adults in the current 40-50 cohort is greater than in the previous cohorts – but it should cause no worry as the vaccine availability should pick up next month.

He said: “There are more people in the 40-50 cohort than in the age groups we’ve been vaccinating up till now.

“So the national system is just trying to match the demand to the supply that’s available.

“We are currently expecting to see supply ramp back up again in early to mid May, so with any luck the rate of vaccination will pick up again at that point.”

If you’re age 42 or over, or will turn 42 before July 1, you can now bok you COVID-19 vaccine – click here to book.