PM Says More COVID-19 Deaths ‘Inevitable’ As Lockdown Is Lifted

By Rachael Grealish

The Prime Minister has said more COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths are ‘inevitable’ as lockdown easing continues.

Speaking from Downing Street (from the media room with the controversial £2.6m makeover) today, Monday March 29, Boris Johnson spoke about the lifting of lockdown measures and the country’s ‘small step’ towards freedom.

He started off his speech welcoming the lockdown easing and said it is ‘small step’ towards freedom after ‘months of sacrifice and effort’.

“I know how much it will have meant to millions of people to have joined someone else for a cup of tea in the garden,” he added.

However, went on to say ‘we must proceed with caution’ even as cases and deaths continue to fall.

Then the PM went on to warn the nation saying: “Deaths and hospital admissions across the UK are continuing to fall but that wave is still rising across the Channel.

“It is inevitable as we advance on this roadmap there will be more infections, more hospitalisations and more deaths.”

When Johnson was asked about his ‘mixed messaging’ when first talking about the lockdown easing but saying we need to be cautious he said he is ‘pleased to be able to ease some restrictions today’ and he will be looking at the data before easing them further.

Johnson said alongside the vaccine rollout, the UK is ‘building up our own long-term UK manufacturing capabilities’ for vaccines.

He said Novavax is going to make a jab at Fujifilm in the North East as will GlaxoSmithKline will also finish and bottle vaccines in the North East.

That will provide between 50 and 60 million UK-made vaccines, Johnson confirmed.

Today the ‘stay at home’ message was lifted, and the rule of six – with social distancing – was implemented.

However, even with this easing of restrictions Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby asked the PM if the public’s patience is being ‘tested’ and if he is concerned they will stop listening.

Johnson responded saying he knows he has asked a lot of people but overwhelmingly people understand the need for caution and the better we stick to the roadmap the more chance it is irreversible.