‘Can We Just Do It Properly Once’ Prof Van-Tam Says As Questions Arise About Lifting Lockdown And Breaking Rules

By Rachael Grealish

Professor Johnathan Van-Tam has asked the public to ‘just do it properly once’ as questions about lifting lockdown sooner were key at the COVID briefing and people being tempted to break the rules.

Towards the end of the COVID briefing today, Wednesday March 17, where the Health Secretary shared the positive news about the vaccine offering protection against the virus questions from the public and press were focused on the scope for easing lockdown earlier.

Matt Hancock was adamant the dates set out in the roadmap were not being moved after being asked about taking a ‘US approach’ to restrictions.

It was stated in one question ‘in the US, vaccinated people can meet other vaccinated people indoors or those who have a lower risk’ and asked if the UK could do the same.

In response, Mr Hancock said: “The approach we’re taking in the UK is that we’re taking the steps together down the roadmap.

“It’s not possible to vaccinate everyone at once. Because that means we’re providing vaccines to different people at different times, the fair and right thing is to lift measures at once.”

JVT added to this asking the public to ‘hold the line’ and ‘do it properly once’ after it was asked about people being tempted to break rules once they’ve had a jab.

He said it takes time for antibody protection to build up after vaccination. In young age groups, it takes at least 14 days – in other people, it takes 21 days or more.

“I understand [why people want to break the rules], because clinically once properly vaccinated you are materially safer, but my message is let’s try and get out of where we are by doing things properly.

“My message to everybody is let’s try and get out of where we are through the successful use of vaccines, once. Can we just do it properly once.

“So please hold the line, just a little bit longer, and we’re only talking a few more months. Just hold the line because it will get better.”