Communities Invited To Take Part In COVID-19 Secure Arts Events In Eden

Highlights Rural Touring and Eden District Council are inviting communities across the district to engage in COVID-secure arts activities and events, on and offline, through their joint initiative: Highlighting Eden.

The first instalment of its new offering, STREET, is now available and you can see the first of five videos telling unexpected fragments of real lives.

Theatre company Imitating the Dog has crafted unique, mesmerising videos to help tell the true stories of local people from around Cumbria.

“Take a walk through an ordinary house. If the ghosts of past inhabitants could be seen and heard, what stories would they tell? What actions would they replay?

“The inside of a kitchen cupboard is filled with the regrets of a grandmother, the bookshelves house the memories of a son. The furniture and walls of every room bursting with unnoticed life.

“From the comings and goings of everyday life, stories emerge of arrivals and departures, life’s tragedies and joys, of loneliness and togetherness, of our differences and of the hopes and dreams which ultimately unite us.”

Originally planned as a walk-through gallery installation – the project has been recreated as a series of five short films located in domestic situations: a cupboard, a bookshelf, a bedside table.

Keeping with the miniature theme, tiny characters act out strange but familiar actions in these everyday locations.

STREET is one of 40 new projects taking place in and around 40 arts centres as part of ‘Here and Now’, a national and local celebration of culture within communities.

You can watch STREET here: