Cumbrians Urged To Stay Local This Half-Term And Follow Lockdown Rules

The County Council and police are urging people to stay local this half-term.

Residents across Cumbria are being urged to steer clear of public places that could become crowded this half-term and to keep following the lockdown rules.

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health for Cumbria County Council, is asking people to help ‘keep the communities safe’.

He said: “We are seeing the vaccine roll out happen at great pace and over 100,000 people have now received their COVID-19 vaccination.

“It is also very encouraging to see infection rates start to fall. This is mainly driven by the current lockdown and social distancing.

“To ensure infection rates and hospital admissions continue in the right direction, and to keep ourselves and those around us safe, it remains as important as ever to continue following the rules this half term.

“The third lockdown has been especially tough for many people in Cumbria and I’d like to thank everyone for sticking to the rules and doing all they can to stop the spread of the virus.

“So, this half term, please stay local to your area, follow the rules and help keep our communities safe.”

Andrew Slattery, Assistant Chief Constable at Cumbria Police, said: “We continue to urge people to heed the Government’s request for people to stay home as much as possible and to exercise locally.

“People who do exercise outdoors should stay well within the limits of their own experience and equipment and make sure they take note of the conditions, particularly if considering venturing onto the fells.

“With a small number of exceptions, the law remains that people must not stay overnight away from their home address. Traveling to a holiday home or second home for a getaway is illegal under the current Government restrictions.

“Whilst we are seeing positive signs with regards infection rates both locally and nationally, our hospitals and ambulance service continue to operate under extreme pressure due to the high number of Covid-19 patients.

“I continue to encourage people to remember why the current Government restrictions are in place – to stop the spread of infection, protect the NHS and save lives.”

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Please continue to respect ‘Hands, Face, Space’: washing hands frequently, wearing a face covering in all applicable settings and staying two metres away from people outside of your household wherever possible.