Boris Johnson Says Delay In Reopening Schools Is To Avoid ‘Huge Surge’ In COVID Cases

By Rachael Grealish

Boris Johnson has announced schools will reopen from March 8, delaying three weeks after the original February date.

The Prime Minister made the announcement today, Wednesday January 27, in the House of Commons, followed by an explanation during his news conference in Downing Street.

The PM kicked off by offering condolences to people who have lost loved ones but when on to say ‘we must recall the damage done to young people’s education’.

He said he understands the stress felt by parents copying ‘heroically’ with home schooling but stressed the need to be cautious with reopening schools.

Before schools open, Johnson said, the government needs to be sure the vaccines are saving lives.

He said: “We are confident that will happen, but we must see the proof. And that will only be available in the middle of February.”

Due to this, and to give schools two weeks notice, he ‘hopes ‘ schools can reopen from March 8.

This is all to avoid ‘another huge surge’ in new COVID-19 cases.

Free school meal arrangements will continue until then, there will be £300 million of new money to help with catch-up tutoring and ummer school will also be set up, Johnson confirmed.

Along with this the PM said, the week beginning February 22, he will publish a ‘gradual and phased’ plan showing the route out of lockdown. He said it is ‘inevitably going to be subject to adjustment’.