Cumbria Director of Public Health Stresses ‘Lockdown Is Working’

By Rachael Grealish

The Director of Public Health for Cumbria has stressed the current lockdown measures are working to suppress Coronavirus, but says people must ‘stick with it’.

Colin Cox made the comment following the release of the latest reports saying the number of new COVID-19 cases in the county has decreased by 25 percent in week ending 15 January, down 868 to 2632.

In his comment Mr Cox was hopeful this community is ‘passed the peak’ although the number of deaths in the county has risen as has hospitalisations.

He said: “We have hopefully passed the peak of infection in the community, but we may not yet have reached the peak of hospital admissions. We have never seen this number of seriously ill people in our hospitals before and it is putting an incredible strain on the NHS.”

The lasted figures showed the county’s hospitals are now treating more COVID-19 patients than ever before, with 379 people now receiving care.

This reflects the delay between people becoming infected and then needing hospital treatment.

The director went on to say, however, the ‘lockdown is working’ but said we’d have to ‘stick with it for a while longer’.

“There is absolutely no question that we remain in an extremely serious situation and it is vital that infection levels continue to drop,” he continued, “A 25 percent reduction sounds good, but last week was still the second highest ever for new infections.”

“Lockdown is working, and I absolutely recognise the efforts people are making to stick to the rules. We just have to stick with it for a while longer.

“I know this is causing real difficulties for some and I’d like to remind people that support is available, whether it’s about food, money, housing or mental health, via the county’s COVID-19 support line.”