‘Clap For Carers’ To Return In Lockdown 3 As ‘Clap For Heroes’ But Do People Really Want It?

By Rachael Grealish

‘Clap for Carers’ is set to make its return for Lockdown 3, this time it’s ‘Clap for Heroes’ but people don’t seem as excited as last time.

The weekly ritual which was intended to raise moral and spirit of the public and show support for frontline workers during the first lockdown is coming back tomorrow, Thursday January 7.

Annemarie Plas, who kicked off the first weekly clap back in 2020 has taken to social media once more to encourage people to take to their doorsteps and applaud frontline workers during the country’s third national COVID lockdown.


During the first lockdown millions clapped for carers, NHS staff and key workers, from their doorsteps.

Pans were banged, bells were rung and even a convoy lorries, trucks and cars zoomed past houses to raise the spirits of residents in Copeland, Cumbria.

The Copeland Convoy during the UK’s first lockdown.

However, the spirit and positivity from the first round of applause hasn’t seemed to carry on to this wintery lockdown and people have taken to Twitter to share their feelings on the event.

One person commented: “I will continue to do whatever I can to support our heroes (NHS, teachers etc) but I will not #ClapForHeroes this time. It feels hollow when we have a Govt that ignores paying and treating them properly. I will chase MPs, sign petitions, argue where I can for better recognition”

“I will not be participating in #clapforheroes I’d rather our key workers were awarded with decent pay, PPE, a government that provides proper leadership,” another said.

While a third person even offered a different option for people feeling angry about this new lockdown, writing: “Instead of #clapforheroes can I propose a weekly Two Minute Hate where we can all go outside our front door and scream obscenities? Genuinely feel like it would be much more therapeutic for everyone right now.”

The Clap for Heroes is set to kick off tomorrow, Thursday January 7, at 8pm where the public is invited to take to their doorsteps once more – but will you be taking part?

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