Beauty Business Could Be Carlisle’s New Gem

A skincare company that uses precious stones in its products has brought its unique technology to Carlisle with a pop-up shop.

Gemology Cosmetics is the only company in the UK that produces skincare products using the trace elements of precious stones, such as iron and magnesium.

The unique concept took three years to be developed in Paris, where the precious stones are grinded down into a talc, that is then put into a machine to extract the trace in liquid

Samantha Sharp – Image Intro

Samantha Sharp, owner of Gemology Cosmetics in the UK, said: “We’re the only brand that
has such a concept. Other brands may use precious stones, but they only put the grinds of
the stones in, which only gives the effect of illuminating the skin.

“The trace elements can’t penetrate the skin if they’re not in liquid form, and no other brand has the technology to extract it. We put 100% of the trace elements into the products to feed the skin all the nutrients it needs.”

The company is part of Gemology International, which was founded in Paris in 2007.

Samantha Sharp, owner of Gemology Cosmetics, brought the concept over from France in
Dec 2018 when she bought the distribution rights to the UK.

Since then the company has found success nationwide, selling products in London and across the UK, and regularly featuring in Vogue magazine.

It also recently won an award in OK magazine’s The Real Beauty Awards recently, where the Jade Hydration Serum was voted ‘Highly Commended’.

The White Pearl Sleeping mask is also shortlisted in GQ Magazine. But lockdown has caused major issues for the business.

When spas and salons closed during the first lockdown in March, Gemology Cosmetics had to change its business strategy from a trade to consumer focus, moving products online.

It’s through this online presence that she noticed the high demand in Carlisle. Samatha said: “There’s a huge gap in the market for these products in Carlisle. The reason we’re trialling the pop-up shop is because we get a lot of sales on our website from the Carlisle area, and even people who will travel all the way from Carlisle to our shop in Kirkby Lonsdale.

“This time in the pop-up shop allows us to do a trial run for Carlisle, to test the market. If it’s
popular then we’ll look to make it more permanent or approach local stockists and salons.”

The pop-up shop will sell its unique gem-infused products, including its purifying kit for maskne, which is proving so popular that the company are struggling to keep it in stock.

It also sells gift sets and lifestyle products, such as candles and diffusers. Samantha said: “Getting a gift is lovely, because sometimes people – especially with families – don’t necessarily concentrate on themselves. So, you’re giving them the gift of relaxation at home, as well as boosting their wellbeing and confidence because they’ll have better skin. It’s the perfect Christmas gift.”

You can visit the pop-up shop in the Lanes, Carlisle, from Thursday 3rd until Sunday 27th December.

The shop will follow Covid-19 guidelines, including hand sanitiser on entry and a limit on the number of people in store at one time.

The shop is also spaced out in rows so that people can be separated, and products are fully sanitised after staff contact.