Boris Johnson Announces Support For Rough Sleepers And Promises Light At The End Of The Lockdown Tunnel

By Rachael Grealish

Boris Johnson has promised the government will provide more support to rough sleepers as the country enters its second lockdown.

The Prime Minister addressed the country from 10 Downing Street – alongside Sir Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England – and reflected on the new lockdown measures implemented today, Wednesday November 5.

During the conference he said two thirds of rough sleepers who had received help during the first lockdown are still off the streets, but says the government is spending a further £15 million on support for those people.

The PM also urged the public to look a the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ which he feels there is as he promised, once again, the lockdown would end on December 2 and four weeks is enough.

Johnson also said ‘there is a very real chance of safe and effective vaccines’.

Sir Simon backed up the PM’s words on a vaccine as he said: “Some of the vaccines likely to come through most quickly are some of the cleverest. The more conventional ones will come on stream next year.”

Stevens reminded the country the virus’ second wave is ‘very real’, he said: “The NHS needs our help too. There is a slogan ‘protect us to protect you’ as NHS staff gets COVID too.”

He went on to add: “We cannot stop cancer or heart attacks or strokes. But we can reduce the spread of coronavirus in the community, and that is what we need to do.”

When being asked by the press about the effectiveness of the current lockdown and reflecting on the measures now in place, Johnson said: “I have every confidence it will work.”

He also promised the country would have ‘as normal Christmas as possible’.

This current lockdown is not dissimilar to that in Spring, which the exception nurseries, schools, colleges and universities can remain open.

The Prime Minister put England into its second lockdown from today, November 5 lasting four weeks until December 2 – which he previously stated in the House of Commons it would ‘without a shred of a doubt’ end when he promised.

You can read the rules, regulations and measures you need to know about this second lockdown HERE.

MPs voted on the lockdown yesterday, with 38 voting against the motion – the majority of which were Boris’ own Conservative rebel MPs.

As the country entered the new measures NHS England has recorded 236 further coronavirus hospital deaths in the last 24 hours.

There were 100 in the north-west, 49 in the north-east and Yorkshire, 47 in the Midlands, 14 in the south-east, 11 in London, 10 in the east of England, and five in the south-west.

That is 66 fewer than the total for yesterday (302), but 44 more than the total for this time last week (192).

Lastly, the PM concluded with: “Please, for the next four weeks, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.”