NCIC Hits Milestone As New CT Scanner Installed At The Cumberland Infirmary

A new milestone has been reached at the Cumberland Infirmary as a new CT scanner has been installed.

The scanner has been installed in what will be a new diagnostic suite.

The new lower ground floor facility is expected to be operational by December and will house the new CT scanner as well as a new MRI scanner, that is being delivered in November, and additional ultrasound capacity.

Gemma Richardson Trust Lead Radiographer explained: “The installation of the new suite has been a huge feat of engineering.

“The new ventilation and cooling units that are required for the scanners were lifted into place over the roof of the infirmary using an enormous crane.

“The large CT scanner was carefully wheeled into place through the lower ground floor corridor. In order for the MRI scanner to be installed a window will be temporarily removed to get it into the building.

“Our recruitment of just over 10 WTE radiographers is on track and in due course we will be advertising for radiography assistants to support the new suite.”

The development of the lower ground floor facility is the first stage of an £8m investment which also includes an upgrade to the current MRI and CT scanning facilities on the ground floor of the infirmary.

Dr Jon Berry, consultant radiologist explained: “Having the two suites will mean that we will be able to support outpatients in one area and in-patients in another area providing far more privacy and dignity for patients and ensuring a more timely service for their needs.

“Once the work is fully complete it will mean significantly increase capacity and provide much improved diagnostic quality which will also support patients accessing the new cancer centre on the site.”

The new lower ground floor suite will be operational in December this year and the upgrade to the facilities on the ground floor suite are