Prime Minister’s ‘World Beating’ Test And Trace System Still Contacting Less Than 80% For Deatils

By Rachael Grealish

The latest statistics are in for what the Prime Minister called a ‘world beating test and trace system’ and they still show less than 80 percent of people are being contacted to provide details.

Between the dates July 2 and 8 a total of 3,818 new people tested positive for COVID-19 and of those 3,579 people had their case transferred to the contact tracing system.

However, when it came to the number of those who provided details of recent close contact only 2,815 people (78.7 percent) were reached. 

Furthermore, of that number less than 80 percent again, 2,201, actually provided details of one or more recent close contacts.

Between the dates of June 25 and July 1, 78 percent were contacted to provide details and in total only 76.4 percent of people have been reached to provide contact details since the system was launched on May 28.

This news comes after Boris Johnson called the test and trace system ‘world beating’, during PMQs yesterday, Wednesday July 15.

During the penultimate session of PMQs before the summer recess Johnson said test and trace is working at ‘unprecedented scale’ and 144,000 people had agreed to self-isolate.

He added: “Our test-and-trace system is as good as or better than anywhere else in the world.”

The PM was then grilled by the leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, about the number of people contacted by test and trace.

He asked whether the Prime Minister actually read the Academy of Medical Sciences report that sets out the reasonable worst-case estimate for a second spike of Covid-19?

To which the PM replied ‘course aware of the report’ and said the government was ‘taking every reasonable step to protect the economy from a second spike’.

However, saying he was ‘aware’ of the report left doubt in the minds of many MPs in the opposition who heckled ‘read it’. 

In the UK, unfortunately, 45,053 have died from COVID-19, in all settings and this week the UK government announced people in England would be required to wear face coverings in shops from July 24.