COVID-19 Figures Released As 97.5% Of ‘In-Person Tests’ Returned The Next Day

In the latest round of Test and Trace figures released covering June 25 – July 1 97.5 percent of in-person tests were returned within 48 hours.

Of the 303,409 people tested 3,903 tested positive.

With some positive tests from last weeks numbers increasing the figure to 4,347 of which 77.4 percent (3,366) were contacted.

From the 4,347 people there were 842 people (19.4 percent) who could not be contacted, while 814 (24.2 percent) of those contacted could not provide any close contacts.

There were 14,892 close contacts provided from which 4,345 (29.2 percent) could not be contacted.

Pillar one testing covers Public Health England Laboratories and NHS facilities while Pillar two covers Regional Sites, Satellite, Mobile and Home Testing.

The time to receive results from Pillar one have not been published and the government is looking to make this available soon.

With 183,824 people tested in Pillar two returning 2,966 positive tests with Regional test sites processing more people.

It was here that 97.5 percent of people were processed with in 48 hours compared to the other test methods where Mobile returned 97.2 percent, Satellite tests 90.9 percent while Home tests 70.7 percent.

The majority of people for Satellite and Home test were contacted after 24 hours with 25.7 percent and 1.8 percent receiving their results under the 24 hour mark.

In other COVID-19 news 85 people died taking the UK total 44,602 with 642 positive cases.