Cumbrian Theatre And Arts Organisations Receive A Chunk Of £33M Arts Council England COVID Response Funding

By Rachael Grealish

After going through the unsure time during lockdown, the future’s looking brighter for Cumbrian theatres and arts as four organisations have secured Arts England funding.

196 organisations have received a chunk of over £33 million from the Arts Council England: Emergency Response Fund, launched in May in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Rosehill Theatre taking part in the #LightItInRed to highlight the crisis faced by theatres during COVID-19

Rosehill Theatre has been granted £117,500 of emergency funding, Cumbria Theatre Trust (Theatre By The Lake) has been granted £180,000, Cumbria Museum Consortium (Tullie House, Lakeland Art and The Wordsworth Trust) was granted £533,806 and Prism Arts was granted £20,000.

The news of the Arts Council funding comes after the government announced a £1.57 billion investment into theatres, galleries and museums, among others. 

A spokesperson from Theatre By The Lake (TBTL) commented: “Theatre by the Lake has been awarded £180k from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund to provide essential support to the charity to withstand the immediate effects of the Covid-19 crisis and ensure its survival.

“TBTL welcomes the government’s further announcement of a £1.57bn package of support for the arts, culture and heritage sector; this is great news for our industry and for the arts in the UK. TBTL thanks everyone who has lobbied, campaigned and made their voices heard in support of the theatre industry and in making this happen.

“The theatre is currently waiting for more details before commenting on what it means specifically for Theatre by the Lake; as of yet it is not known what funds may be available to them, or if funds can be secured in time to prevent redundancies.  Further updates will be made when they know more. TBTL would like to thank everyone for their support at this time.”

27.3 percent of the funding went to 53 organisations in the North of England – which stretches from Carlisle in the north down to Chester.

The largest chunk of funding, 38.7 percent, went to 77 organisations in London, the Midlands has had 24 organisations benefit (17.1 percent), the South West had 22 organisation benefits with 8.1 percent of the overall funding and the South East received 8.7 percent of funding to go to 20 organisations.