Prime Minister Boris Johnson Thanks Copeland Mayor For Joining Conservative Party In Video Message

By Rachael Grealish

The Prime Minister has posted a video message to Copeland’s Mayor, Mike Starkie, thanking him after it was announced he joined the Conservative party.

In the video Mike shared on social media Boris Johnson thankd the mayor and said together they would get ‘big things done’.

In the 13 second video he said: “Hi this is Boris Johnson just saying a big, big, thank you to Mike Starkie, thanks for joining our party you won’t regret it.

“We’re going to get massive things done, and we’re going to get big, big, nuclear things done as well, so all the best and many thanks.”

The video was also posted on social media by Copeland’s Conservative MP, Trudy Harrison, celebrating the support from the PM.

In her post Trudy encouraged the people of West Cumbria to come together and support the area along with the nuclear industry.

She said: “The Prime Minister is clearly thrilled to have Mayor Mike Starkie on the team, as demonstrated in this little clip, and I was thrilled to have nuclear power mentioned twice in a week from the very top.

“Our team of positive people, who want to make huge progress in Copeland is growing. Being a negative ninny is never a great route to success in my experience.

“So come on West Cumbria, come together and ensure that we grasp the moment of radical policy change, levelling up, global environmental need and sheer political strength in numbers to actually get stuff done.

“You may not agree with our politics – fair enough, but surely it’s better to be proactive, to secure a better future for our community?”

It was announced on June 22 Mike, who represented Copeland as an independent mayor for five years, had joined the Conservative party.

In a statement he said: “I am a committed Brexiteer and I believe the levelling up agenda that the government was elected on represents the best opportunity for progress in the north, in Cumbria and in particular Copeland for decades.

“The government’s devolution programme which I fully support will further remove inefficiency and bureaucracy that has held Cumbria back for years and indeed accelerate the still significant modernisation of local government that is still needed.

“Working closer within structure of a party who’s manifesto I have bought into and who will be in government in my opinion for at least a decade and way beyond my time of active involvement strengthens my position in representing Copeland and achieving the goals I set out in my own manifesto for Copeland last year which remains unchanged.

“What also remains unchanged is my desire to continue working in cooperation with councillors of all political persuasions in the best interests of the people of Copeland.”