COVID-19 Deaths Unfortunately Rise By 155, Leicester Tightens Its Lockdown And Boris Plans For Post-COVID

The daily COVID-19 figures have been released and sadly a further 155 have died due to COVID-19, in the UK.

Along with this it was reported today, Tuesday June 30, another 689 tested positive for the virus.

This takes the UK totals to 43,730 deaths and 312,654 cases.

While in no new COVID-19 deaths were registered in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales registered three new deaths in each of the countries.

Once again the total number of people tested and the daily number of people tested was left ‘unavailable’.

Although the number of deaths and cases seems to be declining in the UK, people of Leicester have entered a period of a tighter lockdown as the number of cases in the city rose.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said the city had ’10 percent of all positive cases in the country over the past week’.

This news came after the city council reported 944 positive tests in the two weeks to 23 June – this equated to approximately one in 16 of the total UK cases during that period.

As Leicester tightens its local lockdown the Prime Minister has already been setting out plans for a UK in a post-COVID-19 world by channeling his inner President Roosevelt.

Today Boris Johnson announced a ‘New Deal’ for Britain which puts jobs and infrastructure at the centre of the government’s economic growth strategy.

The PM announced the government will bring forward £5 billion of capital investment projects, supporting jobs and the economic recovery, including:

• £1.5bn this year for hospital maintenance, eradicating mental health dormitories, enabling hospital building, and improving A&E capacity. This will improve patient care, make sure NHS hospitals can deliver world-leading services and reduce the risk of coronavirus infections.

• £100m this year for 29 projects in our road network to get Britain moving, from bridge repairs in Sandwell to boosting the quality of the A15 in the Humber region. Plus £10m for development work to unblock the Manchester rail bottleneck, which will begin this year.

• Over £1bn to fund the first 50 projects of a new, ten-year school rebuilding programme, starting from 2020-21. These projects will be confirmed in the Autumn, and construction on the first sites will begin from September 2021.

• £560m and £200m for repairs and upgrades to schools and FE colleges respectively this year.

• £142m for digital upgrades and maintenance to around 100 courts this year, £83m for maintenance of prisons and youth offender facilities, and £60m for temporary prison places, creating thousands of new jobs.

• £900m for a range of ‘shovel ready’ local growth projects in England over the course of this year and next, as well as £96m to accelerate investment in town centres and high streets through the Towns Fund this year. This will provide all 101 towns selected for town deals with £500k-£1m to spend on projects such as improvements to parks, high streets, and transport.