Latest COVID-19 Figures: 100 New Deaths In The Last 24 Hours

COVID-19 figures for the UK have been released and they continue the downward trend over the previous weeks.

The UK has recorded 100 new COVID-19 deaths and 890 positive cases, this is a decrease from last Saturday when figures were reported at 130 deaths in total that day and 1,295 new cases.

Although these are lower numbers than previous Saturday figures there may be concern for future weeks as the hottest day of the year, earlier this week, had people gathering in large numbers at beaches, parks and other outdoor places.

While the total number of tests was stated as 155,359 the total number of people tested in the last 24 hours was again left as ‘unavailable’ – contradictory to the previous aim of the government to be testing surplus of 100,000 per day.

These figures follow news of ease in lockdown measures set to be implemented from July 4.

The Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, announced, on June 23, the two metre rule would be decreased to the ‘1m plus’ rule and other non-essential businesses – such as pubs and restaurants – could reopen.

The latest businesses to open next week are pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, cinemas, museums, libraries and galleries.

In the list of businesses not included in the opening on July 4 are: indoor gyms, nightclubs, dance studios, swimming pools, soft play, bowling alleys, theatres and concerts – these are to remained closed by law.

Johnson confirmed that there ‘will be flair ups’ of COVID and measures may need to be taken on a local level.

The PM reiterated the government ‘will not hesitate to apply the breaks’ on easing lockdown if needed.

The measures set to come in to place from July 4 are for England only – for example, Wales will not be abandoning the 2 metre rule yet.