Latest COVID-19 Figures

By Racehael Grealish

The latest death toll and confirmed infection have been released by the Department of Health.

This increase of 149 takes the UK death toll to 43,230 while the confirmed cases have increased by 1,118 to 307,980.

The figure for today follows the previous weeks pattern as Thursday is usually a lower total for the week.

Over the previous weeks the number of deaths and confirmed cases has been lowering as the UK has relaxed lockdown to the point where most businesses are open.

While the UK has report testing 167,023 people missing its 200,000 a day target.

The R rate and new statistic, growth rate have been estimated to be between 0.7 – 0.9 for R rate and between -4 percent to -2 percent for growth, R Rate and Growth Rate should be released tomorrow, if it follows the Governments pattern of release.

The figures for the test and trace system show that in the third week of running that over a quarter of people with COVID-19 are not being contacted.

This weeks figures for the 11 – 17 June state that 6,923 people were passed onto the contact tracers and only 70.3 percent (4,869) were contacted, down from 75.2 percent the previous week, meaning 29.7 percent (2,054) COVID-19 positive people were not contacted.

While those that were provided a further 30,286 close contacts of which 5,552 (18.3 percent) could not be contacted and told to self-isolated.

With the stopping of the daily Covid update from the Government figures and slides are being released quietly unless the Government need to call a conference.