Copeland Crusaders Raise £10K For The Great North Air Ambulance With Community Clothing Drive

By Rachael Grealish

The Copeland Crusaders are back and this time they have raised £10,000 for the Great North Air Ambulance (GNAA).

Whitehaven Rugby Union Football Club (WRUFC) held a clothing drive on Tuesday, June 16, where they received enough donations of clothing to fill eight large vans.

Clearing the clubhouse of the hundreds of bags.

With the hundreds of bags they received from members of the public – containing clothing, shoes, belts and bags and more – £10,000 was raised for the Air Ambulance Service.

Jordan Mattinson, one of the WRUFC players who organised the drive, said: “We got eight vans worth of donations in total, worth £10,000, which was spot on – the GNAA people who come with the vans said it’s the biggest drop off of donations in one day they’ve seen.”

The 27-year-old went on to say the GNAA explained it approximately costs them around £4,000 per flight – so the donations from the community could have saved two lives and contributed towards a third flight.

The clubhouse filled to the brim with over one thousand bags.

“It was brilliant to see everyone come together, to contribute,” he added. 

This isn’t the first time the WRUFC have been on a crusade to help people during these unprecedented times.

Previously, they’ve done a food drive for the Food Bank, and two item and toy drives to make up boredom boxes for people in care homes and children. 

Of course for the Copeland Crusaders this isn’t their last effort as Jordan said they’re eager to keep going and help more people.

He said: “We’re gonna do another one (drive) in a few weeks, as it was just nice that we were able to do it. You never know when you’re gonna need them, do you?”