Test And Trace Statistics Show Almost 75% Of People Are Being Contacted

By Rachael Grealish

The Government has released the latest set of test and trace data and shows an increase in the number of people they contacted.

Covering the week from the 4 June to the 10 June it shows 5,949 people with COVID-19 of which 4,366 (73.4%) were contacted and told to isolate while 1,583 (26.6%) could not be contacted.

From the 4,366 people a further 44,895 contacts were taken with 40,690 (90.6%) being told to self-isolate.

This current data set released covers the week when it was announced that the R-rate, the rate at which the virus can spread, was above 1 in the North West and South West.

Since the start of the UK’s world leading track and trace system on May 28, of the 14,045 people with confirmed COVID-19 only 10,192 (70.2%) were contacted and from the 96,746 additional contacts 87,746 (90.6%) were told to self-isolate.

While the second week has showed an increase in the number being contacted it has also shown that over the two weeks almost 30% of people confirmed with COVID-19 were potentially unknowingly going out into the population.

The Herdwick reported on June 11, when statistics were first released. They stated between the dates of May 28 and June 3, 8,117 people tested positive for COVID-19 and of those only 67 percent provided the contact details of those they’d been in contact with.

This information comes with the announcement that the Government will be working with Apple/Google on the development of the Test and Trace App and the total UK Positive Cases passed 300,000.