Award Winning Conductor Gavin Greenaway To Feature As Special Guest On St Bees Community Radio

By Rachael Grealish

From collaborating with Hans Zimmer to conducting for the big screen, Gavin Greenaway is bringing his talents to the airwaves in West Cumbria.

Gavin, along with his son Callum, are to be the next special guests on St Bees Community Radio, on Monday June 15.

The pair will be presenting the guest show ‘The World of a Conductor’ during radio duo Lee and Zoe’s ‘Music Monday’.

Gavin conducting for ‘Casino Royale’

Gavin has an impressive history working in the film and music industry, during his time he’s collaborated with the legendary Hans Zimmer – conducting for the Oscar winning Gladiator – and more recently his skills reached a younger audience as he was conductor for John Powell with the animated hit How To Train Your Dragon.

As well as conducting in over 100 feature films Gavin has also gone an won an Emmy award – just for good measure, for his work with Disney.

Speaking to The Herdwick Gavin said: “On Monday, we’re going to play a mixture of classic film scores, all the way back to the 1930s through to the present.

“It’ll be interspersed with some of the scores I’ve conducted for composers such as Hans Zimmer and John Powell and, hopefully some interesting chat about film scores in general and my involvement in the score recording process.”

But Gavin won’t be alone on Monday’s musical adventure, coming along for the ride will be his equally-musically-talented son, Callum.

Gavin explained: “Callum has inherited a love of music from me and a love of visual art from his mum. He studied the cello and piano classically until his A-levels, but is now learning jazz piano and hopes to study jazz at music college next year.

Gavin conducting image by Dita Vollmond

“It’s great to learn about a genre I knew little about from him, while I can share with him what I know about classical and orchestral music.”

His love for all things Cumbria and the Lakes came when Gavin and his family visited for a summer holiday, last year and their connection with the organisers behind the St Bees radio station was solidified when Callum met Lee Shackley.

“Callum met Lee while he was on a songwriting course last year in Cockermouth and they’ve stayed in touch ever since,” Gavin continued, “Lee asked if I’d be interested in putting together an hour of movie music for St. Bees and I thought it might be more fun to have a conversation with Callum rather than just having me droning on and on by myself.”

As with most people in his industry COVID-19 and lockdown put the breaks on work for Gavin, who explained all his concerts and upcoming recordings were cancelled due to the pandemic. 

He said: “Lockdown shut down all orchestral studio recording, and meant all my concerts were cancelled too, including the Piano Day concert I had planned. 

“This week we recorded a string orchestra again for the first time since mid-March, with all the players 2.5 metres apart and everyone wearing masks. 

“So I’m hopeful that we will get back to some sort of ‘normal’ in the coming weeks.”

Gavin sympathised not only for his colleagues but for people all over. 

He said: “It’s been a hard time for many people all over the country, and it’s been no easier for orchestras and session musicians. 

“Many venues and bands are also struggling to survive the lockdown, with no clear idea of when live music will resume. 

“I really hope that gets sorted soon – there’s nothing quite like seeing a live band or orchestra. But at least people can still listen to recorded music in the meantime.”

This resonates with the reasons behind St Bees Community Radio – which was created to bring the community together during lockdown. 

Going from strength-to-strength Gavin and Callum are just two of many special guests on the station and planned for the future. 

Speaking about welcoming Gavin to their show Lee and Zoe said: “Gavin has conducted the music behind loads of major blockbusters over the past 25 years, and it’s great to have both him and his son Callum joining us as our guests on Monday evening.”

You can hear Gavin and Callum from 8pm on Monday, June 15, on

Zoe and Lee’s show will also follow the theme of songs from the movies after their all-request hour.