Female Sellafield Ltd Staff Working In Science And Engineering Are ‘One In A Million’

The campaign group Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is celebrating the fact that for the first time ever there are more than 1 million women working in science and engineering roles in the UK.

Sellafield Ltd recently joined the organisation and are supporting the campaign – to do so, the are promoting some of the fantastic work of their female scientists and engineers.

Just some of the women who make up ‘the million’

The picture accompanying this story shows some of the Sellafield Ltd employees who make up part of the one million.

Sellafield Ltd has blogs from some of their employees to highlight their work and how they came to work in their particular fields.

Penny Rathbone is the company’s polymers expert for Sellafield Ltd.

In a statement the company said: “She has been working with the Cumbria Resilience Forum, where here knowledge of all thing plastic, rubber and seal related has helped ensure that our key workers have continued to have supplies of safe personal protective equipment.”

They continued: “Rebecca Weston, our Chief Operating Officer has blogged about the importance of the day, and how she is keen for more people to know about the opportunities available to them.”

Rebecca also outlines how she got into a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), through a route which included teaching English in Eastern Europe.

Katherine Eilbeck led Sellafield’s work to join WISE. She said: “WISE is a fantastic organisation with an important and laudable aim, to encourage more women into the field.

“I’m delighted that Sellafield Ltd has joined the campaign and hope that as many of our employees as possible support ‘one of the million’.”