Egremont Man Runs For 24 Consecutive Hours And Over 96 Miles To Raise Money For West Cumberland Hospital

By Rachael Grealish

Many people have run marathons to raise money for charity, but one Cumbrian man decided to go a bit further – he’s run for 24 consecutive hours, completing over 96 miles.

A screenshot of Lewis’ finished run

Lewis Beckwith raised over £3,600 for the NHS and West Cumberland Hospital by running dozens of miles on June 6.

On his GoFundMe page Lewis explained: “My girlfriend is currently working in the x-ray department of West Cumberland Hospital, under appreciated and saving lives alike a lot of others in the hospital being forgotten about in our local NHS.

“These are the people keeping our community alive and deserve so much more than what they’ve already been given.”

In his statement he went on to say he and his girlfriend, Amy, were due to get married in June, but feels supporting West Cumberland Hospital is more important at this time.

Lewis taking a well-deserved rest after his challenge

“We were meant to get married this month however your donation is much more important to what’s going on right now,” he said.

Lewis ran from midnight on June 6 to midnight on June 7 – only stopping briefly for food and drinks.

His route took him in and around Egremont several times, where the Egremont Rangers player lives.

On her social media his girlfriend stated: “COVID-19 has ruined our plans for 2020, our hens, stags, wedding and honeymoon but instead of letting that get Lewis down, he picks himself up and challenges himself like never before. Never fails to amaze me.”

You can still donate to Lewis’ cause by heading to his GoFundMe page.