Copeland Support Group Raise Over £900 Towards A Remembrance Garden

By Oliver Hodgson

Area 6 Support Group has raised over £900 last week, for their remembrance garden initiative with a successful car wash.

The Whitehaven-based group held the event at the Copeland Pool and Fitness Centre on Hensingham, on Monday, May 18.

Over 120 cars visited the car wash over the day, which enabled them to raise over £900 towards their remembrance garden initiative that they are planning to deliver this summer.

One of the lead organisers Yvonne Mahaffy said: “It was amazing to see all the volunteers working together to raise money for a great cause and I look forward to planning future events.”

The group also said a huge thank you to everyone who took part and adhered to the social distancing guidelines.

“The leadership team would like to say a great big thank-you and well done to all the volunteers who turned up and put lots of effort in, as the event simply wouldn’t have been possible without all of our volunteers,” Yvonne added.

Volunteers from the Better group also took part in the car wash, along with several others including the food van, Sizzling Simon’s.

Car wash supplies were provided not only by the group volunteers but also, ASDA, Nisa, IMO, Morrisons, B+H Motors and TMS.

The recently-formed group really got into gear during the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily helping the vulnerable during these uncertain times.

Only last month the group managed to help hundreds in the Copeland area by providing many of the following services; general food shopping, pharmacy collections, dog walking, utilities support, telephone befriending, pension collections, and the posting of mail.

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