People From Lower Income Households More Likely To Have Spent Less Time Working From Home, ONS Report Suggests

By Rachael Grealish

People from lower income based households are more likely to have jobs that cannot be undertaken at home during lockdown, Office for National Statistics report suggests.

In the latest released from the ONS it showed during lockdown, those with the lowest household incomes increased their total time in paid work, working a similar amount of time outside of the home as they did in 2014 to 2015.

This may indicate that that those in lower income households are in occupations that cannot be undertaken from home.

Those with a household income up to £1,700 a month increased their average time working from home by 3 hours and 2 minutes a week, while for those earning over £3,301 it increased by 7 hours and 37 minutes a week.

This resulted in a much smaller reduction in the total time spent travelling and working compared with those on higher incomes.

In connection with this the ONS indicated people who are considered to be key workers, having to work outside their homes during lockdown, were reported to make up 30.5 percent of the employees in the bottom three income deciles – which is those earning up to £1,450 per month.

Of those in the the top three income deciles, people earning over £3,250 per month, only 26.4 percent were considered key workers.

The report also showed differences in how different income based households spent their free time.

For those with lower household incomes, this group only saw a small change to their entertainment, socialising and other free time – compared with a rise of just under 50 minutes a day for those on higher incomes.

Those on higher incomes also saw a greater rise in time spent sleeping and resting as well as gardening and DIY.

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