Copeland Council’s Bank Holiday Arrangements

Copeland Council has the made the following arrangements for the coming bank holiday on Monday, May 25.

All household waste, recycling and garden waste collections will be one day later next week.

Residents can find out when their next collection will be at, then selecting My Waste Collection and inputting their postcode.

Antone in need of help can use the following out-of-hours emergency numbers that will be available during the bank holiday:

Homelessness and domestic abuse support – 01946 427 070

Dangerous structures – 01946 427 121

Flooding – 01946 427 171

The public has been also been reminded that all Copeland Council offices, The Beacon Museum, and Distington Hall Crematorium offices and Chapel of Remembrance, remain closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Council has also reminded residents that an emergency support service has been set up for people in Copeland at high risk of becoming seriously ill and who do not have support available from friends, family or neighbours.

The telephone support line for this service is available on 0800 783 1966, or residents can email

Residents can also contact or call 07388 996 202, or 01946 693 321 for help with debts, everyday spending, ways to save and access to local food and hardship schemes.

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