Whitehaven Sea Cadets Celebrated Rank Promotion With Virtual Ceremony

Two Whitehaven Sea Cadets have taken part in a ‘virtual’ ceremony awarding them rank advancements following the completion of various online tasks.

Cadet 1st Class Evie Tyson was promoted to Ordinary Cadet, while Cadet Thomas Adams was promoted to Cadet 1st Class. 

Thomas Adams

The cadets’ parents sent the unit film of them receiving their new ranks at home which was edited into a short virtual presentation and posted on the unit’s Facebook page.

Both Evie and Tom thought it was a brilliant idea and as close as they could get to a real ceremony during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Evie said: “Not many can say they were one of the first in our unit to get promoted without stepping foot in the unit for two months.”

The unit’s Commanding Officer, Petty Officer (SCC) Stuart McCourt said that the unit may be temporarily closed but that won’t stand in the way of cadets gaining accredited qualifications.

“We have been using technology to set tasks for our cadets,” Stuart explained, “Holding virtual parade nights and quizzes, and we have four cadets and one member of staff on a Royal Yachting Association distance learning course studying essential navigation and seamanship.

Evie Tyson

“We have even been running virtual sailing regattas and are setting up an online sailing competition against our friends at Barrow unit.”

The unit’s Chairman, Simon Ferguson, also praised the cadets and their parents for supporting the activities.

Simon said: “The fact that it’s working so well is due to the support that we are receiving from everyone involved, and especially the incredibly dedicated and hard working staff team we have here at Whitehaven.”

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