Whitehaven RUFC Bring ‘Boredom Boxes’ To Care Homes In Isolation During Lockdown

By Rachael Grealish

The lads from Whitehaven Rugby Union Football Club (WRUFC) are at it again – doing what they can to help the vulnerable and in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Last week they donated hundreds of goods and products to the North Lakes Foodbanm, now they’ve put together dozens of boxes filled with books and indoor activities for people in care homes.

Donating ‘boredom boxes’ to Riverside Court Care Home

WRUFC took hundreds of donations from people all over Copeland and made up lots of ‘boredom boxes’ so that each care home got between 40 and 50 books, jigsaws, board game, puzzle books, dominos, playing cards, boiled sweets and adult colouring books.

One of the organisers and WRUFC player, Jordan Mattinson, said: “Our family is pretty lucky as there’s a me, my mam and sister who can all look after my grandparents and make sure they’re okay, it’s a horrible thought that some people’s grandparents are stuck in homes alone and some dont have anyone at all.

“So, if we can make it a little bit more bearable for them then it’s definitely worth doing even if it only helps one of them.”

WRUFC lads donating ‘boredom boxes’ to Harbour View Lodge Care Home

Some of the care homes that received the ‘boredom boxes’ included: Bethel house, Rosehill House, Bethany House, Bethshan Nursing Home, Emmaus House, Harbour View Lodge, Eastcroft Grange in Harrington, The Gables, among others.

The collection of goods and donations of ‘boredom boxes’ was done working with Copeland Age and Advice Service C.I.C.

This act of kindness performed by the rugby club comes after the lads not only collecting donations for the food bank, but also raising over £3,000 for the NHS with their limited edition charity shirts of which hundreds were sold.

WRUFC lads aren’t done there, their next drive is in aid of vulnerable children during the pandemic and will be doing a drive and accepting donations of toiletries, food, children’s books and clothes, and toys.

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