Cumbria’s 3-Year-Old Hero Raises Over £5K For The NHS And Blind Veterans UK

By Rachael Grealish

She’s Three-years-old, she’s raised over £5,000 and she’s boosted community spirit – Lola Shutt is one of Cumbria’s littlest and strongest heroes throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

3-year-old Lola Shutt eager to do her bit for the NHS

Over several weeks Egremont’s own little Lola decided she wanted to do something to give back to the hardworking NHS staff, so she started out fundraising to get 100 bottles of wine – fast forward and Lola has done all that and more.

Daniel Shutt, Lola’s dad, explained: “When we started out fundraising we told her we would get 100 bottles of wine to take to our fantastic NHS Staff at West Cumberland Hospital. 

“We were only one week in when we realised this was going to be much bigger than that. Lola realises we have done something big with the help of our community and it has really helped her realise the importance of giving and coming together. 

“Then to see her face when we put her on a pick up for a photo with 720 bottles of wine, well her face said it all.”

Lola didn’t stop at giving back to health care workers, as VE Day’s 75th anniversary approached she was inspired by a family member to raise money for Blind Veterans UK.

“Darren Blanks is a member of our family. He works so hard raising money for Blind Veterans UK,” Daniel explained, “When we saw him finish his marathon on Dent View a couple of weeks ago we realised we would like to add to his total. 

“We knew people would support this great cause and we thought it was very fitting to do it on the week leading up to the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.”

In total Lola raised £310 for the Blind Veterans UK charity. Other things Lola’s fundraising contributed towards was 100 meals from the Egremont fish and chip shop, Noah’s Plaice, to NHS staff and care workers.

Of course, at three-years-old, Lola couldn’t quite do it alone and had her Mam and Dad getting to work with her.

Daniel said: “We would like to thank everyone who has supported Lola including all the great local businesses who have helped out even at this uncertain time for them.”

He added that he only hopes the community spirit shown during this time can continue after COVID-19 is over.

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