Egremont Shows Community Spirit Helping The Vulnerable Through Difficult Times

By Rachael Grealish

Egremont showed its community spirit as several groups came together to deliver 250 high tea boxes on VE Day.

Funded by Egremont Rugby League along with 100 donated by the Egremont business Nice Bites, the boxes were delivered to the elderly and vulnerable in the area.

Egremont Rugby League and Egremont Town Council volunteers

Egremont Town Council, along with several other volunteers from Egremont Rugby League and Nice Bites, set out to deliver these all over the community.

The handing out of food is a way of getting to people who may be ‘too proud to ask for help’ councillor Elaine Woodburn explained.

She said:“The handing out of food works twofold because these acts of kindness are helping us locate people who need more help but are sometimes too proud to ask for.”

It’s all happening because of the COVID-19 support group set up by the Egremont Town Council.

Elaine continued: “We have a Covid group coordinated by Egremont town council, which has helped over 100 people, getting medication, food parcels and we have concentrated and handed out three bulletins of information as even through we have over 4,500 on the Facebook site we have many vulnerable and elderly who have no access to social media so we wanted to make sure they have had vital information. 

“We are covering from Moor Row to Thornhill so with the three bulletins over 15,000 leaflets have been delivered. 

“We are launching a befriending service as we are conscious that many people have not spoken to anybody for weeks and as we move through the lockdown and after we want to make sure we are listening, giving people a volunteer to listen to them and to ensure we are helping the most vulnerable.”

Sellafield employee Karl Connor ready to deliver the boxes to the vulnerable

To get the high tea ready Nice Bite’s only had a full day’s notice, but pulled out all the stops to manage it, councillor Sam Pollen commented.

He said: “Egremont Rugby League have always answered our call for help and have given us non stop support. Nice Bites rose to the challenge of producing 250 boxes with one days notice, and then generously donated 100 of the boxes. 

“Other volunteers came out to help and again without them we would struggle to help all those we are. Egremont is growing a whole lot of heroes, and all those helping in front and behind the scenes are what makes here a great place to live.”

This isn’t the only time businesses of Egremont have shown this spirit, since lockdown several businesses have donated boxes and meals to the vulnerable, care workers, NHS staff and other key workers.

Elaine added: “Egremont has many acts of kindness including fish and chips from Frasers and Noah’s Plaice, roast dinners from Paul O’Halloran of the Falcon Club and then today high teas we got through a donation from Egremont Rugby League and 100 donated from Nice Bites. 

“We have handed over 4000 products to the local Foodbank from individuals and businesses giving donations and the community spirit is immense. 

“I believe Egremont has always had a strong community spirit and in difficult times the community comes together, this is one of those times and as a council we are proud of each and every resident who is helping either friend, family or neighbours, these are our local heroes.”

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