VIDEO: Egremont Primary School Pupils Get Creative To Honour VE Day

By Rachael Grealish

All across the UK people have been celebrating VE Day in lockdown, but one primary school found a way of bringing all their efforts together.

St Bridget’s RC Primary School in Egremont, has been closed since the measure was announced in March, but that didn’t stop pupils using this time to learn about VE Day and they even made a video of their work.

The video shows not only a range of work and crafts the children have undertaken, but staff got involved too – their headteacher, Susanne Smith, even dressed up as the ‘We Can Do It!’ Land army girl poster.

Speaking to Georgina Taylor, a teacher at the school, she explained how important it is for the youngsters to learn about this time in history and get creative with their learning.

“Had we been at school, every class would have been learning about VE Day as it’s such an important event in history,” she said, “We celebrate Remembrance Day every November so the children already have a good understanding of the importance of its place in history.”

Along with their school work children were set a range of VE Day home learning tasks, set to be creative and engaging for the whole family.

Mrs Smith in the VE Day spirit

Georgina said: “The children have been set a variety of tasks to mark VE Day. Teachers wanted to keep the tasks engaging but fun too. 

“They’ve made bunting, decorated their windows, baked VE cakes, made research posters, written newspaper reports etc. We have been amazed at the level of engagement and enthusiasm from all our families during this difficult time.”

The immense enthusiasm and creativity shown by pupils in these difficult times has not only been a show of support and remembrance to those who fought in WWII, but made their teachers very proud, Georgina explained.

She added: “We, as a school, feel so proud of all our wonderful children and their resilience to their learning since we’ve been on lockdown. 

“We wanted to put together the slideshow to showcase the children’s lovely work but to bring us all together as a school community. Even though we’re apart, we feel together!”

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