Appeal To Clear The Name Of ‘Lady In The Lake’ Killer Dismissed By Judges

An appeal to posthumously clear the name of the man convicted for the murder of the ‘Lady in the Lake’ has been dismissed.

In 2005 Gordon Park was jailed for the murder of his wife Carol Park – dubbed the ‘Lady in the Lake’ after being found in Coniston Water – and Judges say his conviction still stands.

Coniston Water captured by alljengi

The appeal, which was referred by the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC), was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on November 5, 2019.

Carol’s body was found in Coniston Water in August 1997, 21 years after she was initially reported missing in 1976.

Subsequently, Gordon was charged with murder in September 1997, although the case was discontinued by the CPS in January 1998.

After new evidence was uncovered, Gordon was then convicted of the murder of Carol in 2005.

Following the verdict to dismiss the appeal Claire Gardner and Kay Washford, nieces of Carol Park, said: “The outcome today is a very welcome decision for us as a family. In January 2005, justice was served following a three month trial with the jury reaching a majority verdict of guilty and Gordon Park was sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Our Auntie Carol had suffered a tragic death and we were relieved that she could now rest in peace and our family could move forward and remember her with the love and dignity she deserved.

“In the years following Gordon Park’s conviction we have still had to endure the pain of reliving this nightmare in the times when it has been sought to have his conviction overturned. However, today is closure for us and we are relieved that this is the last appeal that can be sought and we can now live our lives remembering our Auntie as the beautiful Auntie she was.

“We would like to thank Cumbria Police who have always treated our family with dignity, and our friends and family and the people of Barrow for their continued support through these difficult times.”

Cumbria Police has said it respects the decision made by the judges and says ‘thoughts are with the family members at this difficult time’.

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