Whitehaven RUFC Show Support To The NHS And Raise Funds With A New Shirt

By Rachael Grealish

Whitehaven Rugby Union Football Club has followed in suit with others and chosen to omit a
sponsor on a new shirt in order to show support to the NHS.

The rugby club teamed up with stag performance to produce two different shirts with the slogan ‘Whitehaven RUFC supporting the NHS’.

Jordan Mattinson, a 27-year-old player for the club, is behind the design of the shirts and said everyone at the club ‘wanted to give something back’.

He commented: “It was just we wanted to give something back as a rugby club but obviously with us being unable to open for the foreseeable we are struggling financially too, but obviously with the work the NHS are doing we still wanted to give something to show our gratitude.”

So far 63 shirts have been sold within two hours – approximately £510 raised – with 100% of the profits from the shirts is going to the NHS, he added: “I just done it because I’ve seen how much they’ve helped my family over the years and what they’re doing now is absolutely unbelievable they literally are heroes and they’re doing it every day.”

Jordan hopes to sell over 100 with an aim of £800 raised and has thanked everyone who is not only backing Whitehaven RUFC in this venture, but the NHS.

“We can get any amount and our first bulk order will be going in Sunday tea time but if we have more wanting them I’ll sort another order out too,” he explained, “I think we’ll have over 100 sold by Sunday which will be £800 to the NHS which will be fantastic, it’s great to see how much our club has backed it and shows how much everyone is thankful for what the NHS are doing for us all.”

This comes after other Cumbrian sports clubs, Carlisle City, Cleator Moor Celtic, Penrith AFC, Holker Old Boys AFC and Workington Reds Ladies, teamed up with Macron to replace their sponsor with a ‘Thank You NHS’ slogan on their shirts.

To purchase a Whtiehaven RUFC shirt contact Jordan on jordanmatt1993@icloud.com.

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